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Transcending the typical modernist kitchen, elements offers three distinct characteristics as part of its design vision:

  • Presents a more engaging form - motivates a sense of wonder and curiosity and makes one want to touch, explore and discover more about this kitchen
  • Utilizes negative space and innovative accessories - converts the typical way a cabinet functions into something different, unique and special
  • Versatility through modular design - makes elements easy to apply to any kitchen design or layout.

Some distinct design features include:

  • Creative fusion of materials (such as aluminum shelves with bamboo upper cabinets) in a special interlocking design
  • Doors and drawers are designed to open/close in unique and atypical ways compared to standard kitchen cabinets
  • Minimalist appearance of handles and pulls: some modules feature recessed hand-pull access to open drawers and cabinets on the corners
  • Some shelves adjoin each other at various levels and hyper-extend to provide a look that is distinctive, modern, and yet symmetrical
  • Upper shelf cabinets may be ordered with integrated drip-trays and rubberized plate holder rods for wash and store convenience
  • Selected main drawers and cabinet doors throughout the kitchen feature front panels which extend and wrap around corners to adjoin recessed side-panels. This provides a sophisticated and elegant look
  • Sliding translucent panel (various color/surface/accent finishes) attached to upper shelf cabinet allows selective concealment and easy access of items stored

Available finishes:

Tonusa elements kitchens can be ordered in the following door/drawer/panel finishes:

  • Bamboo   

                                natural cross-cut 
                                natural straight cut 
                                carbonized cross-cut 
                                carbonized straight-cut

  • Wood Veneer

                                apple wood 
                                light cherry 
                                red mahogany 
                                white oak 
                                zebra wood

  • Laminate

                                black wood 
                                gray oak 
                                light oak 
                                soft teak 

  • Thermofoil

                                MG02  (white) 
                                MG04  (black)
                                MG 42 (aqua)
                                MS15  (light indigo)
                                MS 19 (sky blue)
                                MS 21 (platinum gray)
                                MZ 16 (birch)
                                MZ 18 (gray oak)
                                M72 (teakwood)
                                M94 (mahogany)

  • Automotive paint

                                K601 (sateen silver) 
                                K610 (kalapana blue)
                                K613 (sunset orange)
                                K623 (cinnamon)
                                K626 (wood smoke gray)
                                K627 (olive bark gray)
                                K629 (night navy blue)
                                K630 (molasses brown)
                                K631 (rosewood)
                                K652 (spruce tan) 

Aside from the above finishes, Tonusa may be able to build your elements kitchen in a custom color or finish you specify. Please contact a Tonusa representative or one of our distributor-partners for more information.

Hardware Options:

Tonusa elements offers the following hardware features standard*

  • Integrated jar and spice racks
  • Premium European hardware made by Blum®
  • Drawer slides with soft-close and silent technologies
  • Adjustable metal hinges with soft-close anti-slam feature
  • Other hardware that may be included:
  • Drawer box liners in steel/metal look
  • Available drawer organizers and dividers (option)
  • Available LED lighted glass shelves and recessed LED lights

Note: *some hardware parts and options may not be available for certain kitchen designs and builds.

General Specifications:

Cabinet Frame:

Choices for Cabinet Frame material/build:

  • 5/8" thick particleboard with melamine finish and sealed PVC edging
  • 5/8"thick particleboard/MDF with laminate finish and sealed PVC edging

Panels (door/drawer):

Choices for Panel (Door/Drawer) material/build:

  • 5/8"thick particleboard/MDF with laminate finish and sealed PVC edging
  • 5/8"thick particleboard/MDF with thermofoil finish (wrapped around corners/edges)
  • 5/8"thick particleboard/MDF with automotive-grade gloss paint finish
  • 5/8"or 3/4" thick bamboo

Drawer Boxes:

Choices for Drawer Boxes material/build:

  • 5/8" thick particleboard with melamine finish and sealed PVC edging (with/without Drawer Organizers and Partitions)
  • 5/8"thick particleboard/MDF with laminate finish and sealed PVC edging (with/without

Drawer Organizers and Partitions)

  • Steel/Aluminum/Metal Alloy with plastic parts(specialty)


Choices for Shelves material/build:

  • 5/8" thick particleboard with melamine finish and sealed PVC edging (fully adjustable)
  • 5/8"thick particleboard/MDF with laminate finish and sealed PVC edging (fully adjustable)


Made with 100% extruded aluminum.

Height: 3.94" to 5.91" (100 to 150 mm).


Features fully-adjustable, soft-close (anti-slam), quiet-motion with various opening angles:

95⁰/165⁰ /180⁰. Choices for brand of Hinges:

  • Blum® Inc.
  • Premium brand hinges from China
  • Other specialty hinges and drawer-panel opening hardware may be specified with elements cabinetry on custom-request basis.

Drawer Slides/Runners/Tracks:

Features either Roller-runner, Ball-bearing, or Specialty full or partial extension for frameless drawers. Specialty slides typically feature silent running technologies and soft-closing. Choices for brand of Drawer Slides:

  • Blum® Inc.
  • Premium brand drawer slides from China

Aluminum Wall Cabinet:

Made of recycled aluminum, the aluminum wall cabinet is a specialty option for your elements kitchen. Features ¼" aluminum and tap and drill screw construction (no welding). Brushed anodized finish. Includes stainless steel drip trays with rubber sheathed rods to protect dinnerware and rubberized matting for non-slip storage surface. Comes with roller-wheel slide system for optional translucent panel door (3Form®).

Mounting Brackets for Wall-Hanging Cabinets:

Interlocking heavy-duty bracket system made of galvanized chromium-plated steel. Metal-gray finish with pre-installed full-length bracket attached to wall-hang cabinets and 1 ½" reverse interlocking brackets provided for insertion into dry wall/wall studs/boards.

NOTE: For elements kitchen cabinetry, drawer slides and hinges are specified to be Blum® unless otherwise specified by the client/customer. Accessories and other materials may be specified/changed only in accordance within the limitations set forth by Tonusa or its affiliated designers/showroom partners. These limitations depend on the kitchen's design, scope, materials/finish selections and build requirements. Please contact a Tonusa representative or showroom partner for details.

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